Why use Green Box Storage?

We provide what we believe to be the best drive-up self-storage solution in and around West Cumbria. Priding ourselves on good old fashioned simple & honest customer service that our customers know and love, we don’t need to rely on crafty marketing gimmicks or sharp practice to attract or retain our valued customers.

When browsing for your self-storage solution, just be aware that those “free storage for a month” and “half price storage for 6 weeks” offers often lead to substantial deposit demands before tying you into a long-term contract with hefty termination charges and a compulsory insurance surcharge. “Free van hire” or “free collection” is just the same, it’s a hook which is sure to end with a nasty sting in the tail!!!

Do I have to let you know how long I need the container for?

No, you don’t need to let us know how long you intend to hire the storage unit for and you’ll only be charged until you empty it and hand back the key.

All we require is 2 weeks notice to leave your unit, clean and tidy.

When can I access my storage unit?:

Once you’ve hired a unit and are in possession of the key, you can access the unit 11 hours per day (7:30am-6:30pm) 7 days a week, with ‘out of hours’ access also available upon request with a little bit of notice (more access time can be provided on moving-in and moving-out days) at Cockermouth and 24 hour, 7 days a week access at our Lilyhall location. So you can basically come and go as you please. Just drive your car and van right up to your container to load and unload at your leisure!

What are my goods stored in?

We currently have one size of unit on our site which fulfills the majority of storage requirements. At 20ft x 8ft, our containers are twice the size of regular storage units. They are approximately the size of a double garage, there is usually enough space to store all the furniture from a decent sized house. This bigger size allows your belonging to be arranged as you would like them to be and kept reasonably accessible throughout, allowing you to remove, use and replace items during your hire period without having to take everything out to get to the first item you put in!

Our high quality storage units are largely single use ex-shipping containers from the Far East, and as you’d expect, clean and dry. They are all fitted with top level security locks and lock boxes, along with vents to provide the air circulation essential for optimal storage conditions.

Our containers are all located at ground level and are situated on a level but well drained clean tarmac surface. So simply drive your car, van and/or trailer right up to the unit and load/unload with ease. There’s no need to carry goods into a building or up any stairs!

You will be given a choice from any of the empty or non-pre-booked units on-site. We usually operate at 80% occupancy, but on the rare occasion where we don’t have any vacant containers, we will always look at purchasing additional containers to meet your requirements when circumstances allow.

What about damp and condensation:

From our experience, on the rare occasions when damp or condensation does occur, it is generally as a result of moisture being imported into the container whilst loading/accessing the unit on a wet day. So when you can (we know the great British weather doesn’t always allow!), please try to access your store in dry conditions.

During wet periods (or even for the whole of your rental), it is advised to use a moisture absorbent stick such as those available from aquadryuk.com or dampstick.com.

Do I require self-storage insurance?

Self-storage insurance isn’t compulsory, but should you wish to insure the goods in your container against fire, flood or theft,  then it your responsibility to organise and pay for such insurance. Please Google ‘Self storage Insurance’ for a specialist insurance solution, or alternatively speak to your household/business policy provider to discuss the possibility of adding your stored goods onto an existing policy.

What can & can’t I store?:

You cannot store dangerous materials, petrol or other highly combustible materials, animals, asbestos or illegal substances.

No high odour materials can be stored on-site.

Our planning permission does not allow you to manufacture from or use the container as a workshop or office (i.e. run your business from the unit and/or use it as a registered business/postal address).

If you are in any doubt, please ask us if the products/stock/purposes for which you wish to use the container for are permissable.

How do I go about hiring a container?

Simply give us a call or email us to arrange a mutually convenient time to pop down and take a look. If we can fulfill your storage requirements and everything is to your liking, you’ll then be asked to sign a simple hire agreement. To do this, you will need to bring with you 2 forms of identification including one photo ID (usually a passport or driving licence) along with a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 3 months and clearly displaying your residential/business address.

We take 4 weeks’ payment upfront, along with s further 4 weeks’ as a bond plus a £20 key deposit. You’ll be required to pay this amount in cash as we don’t have a card reader/telephone line on-site. Subsequent rental payments will then be taken from a nominated debit or credit card via our Direct Payment System.

Remember that our minimum hire period is only 1 week, so we’ll refund any pre-paid weeks you do not use, along with your bond and key deposit. 8 days is classed as a 2 week rental period. 15 days is classed as a 3 week rental period etc. So if you use your store for 6 days and give us the keys back before the start of the 2nd week, then we’ll refund you 3 weeks’ hire, your 4 weeks’ bond (if fully emptied and returned in a clean condition) plus your key deposit. It’s as simple as that! Your ‘hire week’ also starts on the day you start the agreement (i.e. not the preceding Monday), so your first week’s hire is always a full week.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, all prices are complete and there are no debit or credit card fees. We are not VAT registered.

How do I end my hire agreement?

Simply let us know that you no longer require the use of your storage container and your anticipated hand-back date with as much notice as you can.

When you’re ready to vacate your store, we do ask that you take all your belongings with you. As a commercial business, it’s really expensive for us to dispose of any rubbish and/or items left behind. The council’s waste transfer stations are based in Workington and Maryport, so please take any rubbish and unwanted goods to these council sites for recycling or disposal.

You’re required to hand back the unit in the same condition as when you received it (i.e. clean, dry and with no bad odours or wall/floor stains. It’s very rare, but occasionally we do need to charge for additional cleaning to rectify any issues as per our T&Cs. For example, we would charge for cleaning up spilled oil/paint or for the disposal of unwanted items and rubbish as you would expect. Please remember that the next customer expects it in as good condition as when you received it. Now we don’t expect you on your hands and knees scrubbing! Just empty, swept out and generally tidy. Also, please don’t be tempted to leave any unwanted items elsewhere on the storage site or access road, otherwise you will still be charged for their disposal.

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